When it Comes to a Turn-Key Installation, Kenric does the Heavy Lifting

Air filtration systems are complex integrated systems frequently handling explosive dust or hazardous particles. Do you know how to put it together? Our experienced team will take the complex task of integrating various system components and engineer them to work together flawlessly, resulting in a truly integrated system that optimizes throughput in your [...]

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Kernic Air Filtration Offers a Wide Range of Dust, Fume, and Mist Collection Systems

Kernic Air Filtration offers a wide range of dust, fume and mist extraction solutions, from small and portable vacuum machines to complete air filtration systems with ducting, separation, air filtration, fire/explosion safety, and dust briquetting. Dust Collection Fume Collection Mist Collection

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10 Ways for a safe Dust Collector Operation

Dust collectors are necessary safety systems in many manufacturing and processing plants. But if they are not designed, installed and maintained properly, these systems themselves can cause serious problems. Here are 10 ways to make sure your dust collection system is up to the tasks of keeping workers safe, maximizing production uptime and [...]

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Kernic Air Filtration Makes Your Project a Success

Kernic Air Filtration combines years of experience, a specialized team, and premium suppliers to provide the best-in-class Dust Collection and Air Filtration Systems. Designed to fit your budget and needs improving safety and cleanness. Our solutions cover a broad range of industries and their particular applications. Our team can advise, design, install, and [...]

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Kernic Systems Completes Another Successful Installation of Recycling and Waste Handling Equipment for New Mega-Distribution Center  The Kernic Team’s latest installation of a New Maren ProPak A160 Auto-tie Baler is the 10th installation in the last year at a state-of-the-art Distribution Center. Kernic was tasked with supplying vertical balers, a horizontal closed-door [...]

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The Kernic install team was called upon to assist with the installation of two newly designed Camfil APC “X-Flo” GOLD Series Dust Collectors on a blasting application. The installation included one GSX-120 Dust Collector with 3-100hp. fans and one GSX-70 Dust Collector with 2-100hp fans. Each Dust Collector was supplied with the [...]

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New centralized trim removal system to service a Flexographic Press improves Productivity and Safety

Kernic Systems has installed a new centralized trim removal system to service a Flexographic Press for a leading folding carton manufacturer. The new system improved the customer's press productivity, plant safety and housekeeping. Before..... The customer's initial trim extraction system restricted press run time, line speed, was very labor intensive, dusty, made for [...]

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Kernic Install Team underway in Western Canada with a new Corrugated Scrap Recovery System

Over decades the Kernic Systems has delivered superior quality and on time and on budget solutions for satisfied customer across all over North America. Using the latest technologies to improve our customer operations in tailor made design aligned with a prompt service team. Kernic Systems is your OneSource™ for Simplicity. Please, stop at the Corrugated [...]

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Join Kernic Systems at Corrugated Week 2018

              Come and join Kernic Systems at the Corrugated Week 2018, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from September 25th to 26th Kernic Systems is a North American leader in recycling and material recovery systems, providing turn-key solutions for the corrugated and packaging industries since 1978. Kernic Systems is your OneSource™ [...]

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