Kernic Systems is committed to assisting you with solutions to provide a clean and safe work place environment for today…and tomorrow.

As a designer and supplier of complete Dust Collection Systems, our high-quality equipment and exacting engineering standards deliver you a OneSource™ solution to your clean air requirements.

Today’s businesses require energy efficient and capable Dust Collection systems that comply with current OSHA, EPA & NFPA regulations.

Kernic System offers Continuous-Duty Bag Type dust collectors that can operate efficiently either in negative or positive pressure. These dust collectors are designed with air inlets and baffling to direct the heavier particles into the lower part of the hopper where they are continuously collected by a pneumatic or mechanical system. The finer dust is captured upward in the filtering section using filter bags. The clean air is returned to the plant or to the atmosphere.

The filter bags are cleaned continuously with an air-pulse jet system controlled by a sequential timer, allowing for uninterrupted operation of the plant.

The Continuous-Duty Bag Type dust collector is especially useful for heavy dust loading, and abrasive particles or dust.

We are confident Kernic can provide you a system solution that includes after sale service and parts support. Contact Kernic today, call 905-632-0562 or by email





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