Kernic Systems knows how important space and power consumption are in the industry and offers innovative solutions, such as integrated safety monitoring filters.

Is Your Site at Risk of a Dust Explosion?
When you need a bundled and explosion-proof filtration solution, integrated safety monitoring filter innovation saves space, improves efficiency and is easy to maintain.

Sparks or debris always have the potential for being pulled into the collector during the operation, the integrated Safety Monitoring Filter (iSMF)is an after-filter that prevents collected dust from re-entering the workspace in case of a leak in the primary Gold Cone filters. The iSMF with ASHRAE-grade Riga-Flo® or HEPA-grade has been proven to isolate the downstream equipment from the progression of a flame front during an explosion.

The iSMF is monitored for changes in differential pressure and can be programmed to raise an alarm or shut down the dust collector, if necessary. The Gold Series dust collector with an integrated safety monitoring filter can recirculate exhaust air back into the workspace when explosive dust conditions are present.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution
Kernic Systems’ OneSource™ for Simplicity solution is more than designing the right model for your site; it includes correct installation and calibration of the pneumatic conveying system for maximum efficiency and productivity. Our knowledge and experience with air-moving applications are essential to the success of stand-alone processes and complete air handling packages.

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  • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application

  • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application

  • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application



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