At Kernic Systems, safety is first. We know how dangerous and costly an explosion can be. Kernic offers explosion isolation valve solutions for each application, safeguarding your workforce and productivity.

Is Your Site at Risk of a Dust Explosion?
Explosion isolation systems prevent the propagation of flame from one part of the process to another, through the use of fast-acting explosion isolation valves and/or chemical barriers.

In practice, many components, devices and parts of the system are connected by pipes, pneumatic conveyors and dust extraction or aspiration lines. If a dust explosion occurs, the flames and pressure waves can spread through these conduits to other parts of the plant. The result may be a series of secondary explosions that cause even more catastrophic damage. An isolation system ensures optimum protection for adjacent parts of the plant.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution
Kernic’s OneSource™ for Simplicity design and implementation observes the customers’ project directives for OSHA, EPA, NFPA, and other regulations selecting compatible main components a detection system, isolation and suppression devices

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