Kernic experience in different processes and industries is pivotal to design explosion and fire proof systems, protecting lives, assets and  safeguarding the productivity.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution
Explosion and fire are among the worst things that can happen in manufacturing. They impact productivity, assets, and, sometimes, lives.

During a dust explosion, flames and pressure waves can spread to other parts of the plant, that may result on secondary explosions causing even more catastrophic damage.

Explosion protection is complex and involves many factors. Manufacture process, dust composition, plant layout and environmental conditions all need to be taken into consideration to use the right suppression and isolation devices offering protection and safeguard.

Kernic’s OneSource™ for Simplicity approach as a designer and supplier of complete Dust Collection Systems provides a turn-key solution to your clean-air requirements.

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Kernic Systems offers full-system solutions, including aftermarket services and parts support.

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Explosion Suppression

Flameless Venting 


High Speed Abort Gate

Isolation Valves

Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters

Spark Detection and Suppression


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