WEIMA briquette presses, sold by Kernic, are an economical solution to handle various materials like wood, paper and cardboard dust, coffee chaff, fine metal dust and turn the product into small, compressed briquettes, without the use of any glues or adhesives.

WEIMA briquetting machines help cut down on waste, recycling, and save money. WEIMA briquette presses are the perfect solution – able to be customized to your specific application. Whichever aspects are important to you – disposal, storage, logistics, or profitable waste recycling – Weima briquetting presses offer you a reliable solution which is tailor-made to your specific requirements and provides many economic advantages.

Advantages of Briquetting – Briquetting waste materials can reduce volumes by up to 90%! This process results in considerable saving of disposal, transport and storage costs. Briquetting also allows you to save money on expensive storage and production space in addition to the production of high quality secondary raw materials and briquettes are high in heating value. Briquettes produced by our industrial briquetting machines and presses are easier to store, lower an operation’s fire risk, decrease transportation costs, and reduce the fine dust and pollutants through the compression of shavings and dusty materials into clean, compact briquettes. WEIMA’s briquetting machines sold by Kernic offer an economic alternative to costly fire prevention measures because the process greatly reduces the danger of fires and explosions in the warehouses and on shop floors by briquetting and consolidating potentially flammable waste into compact entities. Additional advantages include the improved storage space, new revenue stream as briquettes and burning briquettes can be sold.

We are confident Kernic can provide you a briquetting solution that includes after sale service and parts support. Contact Kernic today, call 905-632-0562 or by email sales@kernicairfiltration.com





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