At Kernic Systems, we know that fans are the heart of air conveying systems, helping to determine the productivity of your solution.

Industrial Fans

Fans are the heart of your air filtration solution; they drive the system’s process, rhythm and speed and ultimately help to determine the system’s productivity.

Centrifugal fans can be designed to handle materials so different such as sand, plastic pellets, sawdust, wood chips, grains, paper trims, pet food, chemicals, drugs, and coffee. Small, light materials can be handled by average industrial fan materials. Larger, heavier materials require heavier-duty, abrasion-resistant industrial fan materials, such as carbon steel and other alloys.

Moving air and material – across angles, up and down – while blowing, vacuuming or trimming the material, requires not only precise and complex calculations, but also previous experience with particular applications.

We offer a wide range of industrial fan installation and applications – big or small, immediate or long-term. The right fan selection, construction and installation will keep your company running at maximum performance and productivity.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution
Kernic’s OneSource™ for Simplicity solution is more than designing the right models for the right applications; it assures a correct installation and balance of the pneumatic conveying system for maximum efficiency and productivity. Our knowledge and application experience with air-moving applications are pivotal to the success of stand-alone process or a complex air handling installation.

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