Kernic Systems is committed to assisting you with solutions to provide a clean and safe work place environment for today…and tomorrow.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution
As a designer and supplier of complete Dust Collection Systems, our high-quality equipment and exacting engineering standards provide a OneSource™ for Simplicity solution for your clean-air requirements. Today’s businesses require energy-efficient and capable Dust Collection systems that comply with current OSHA, EPA & NFPA regulations.

Continuous-Duty Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors
Kernic Systems offers Continuous-Duty Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors for high-efficiency filtration and the latest safety innovations. Kernic can provided multiple filter options to suit almost any type of dust or process, including secondary safety filtration with HEPA-grade efficiency.

Modular and Flexible Configuration
We offer a modular design, with flexible configuration to fit your process and potential expansion as your business grows. Our in-house engineering capabilities offer a turn-key system that will perform to the highest standards for your specific application. For combustible dust applications, we will ensure that the system contains effective explosion protection solutions to keep your process safe and compliant.

Easy to Service and Monitor
Reliable and easy to service with tool-less filter changes and a full range of system-monitoring options. These dust collectors are built to last with heavy-duty construction and industry-leading warranty.

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